Monday, December 11, 2006

Perceived Goodwill Actually Disguised Hex

The earlier post regarding the Angry Refrigerator Pixie was misguided, apparently, as I think I have been cursed by her. As the tally for spilling foodstuffs on myself today advances (current number: 3), it appears that the food storage salvation was not as purely intentioned as thought.

The victual stains are racking up, meaning the financial savings I gained--by not having to purchase another Ziploc container--will now be doled out to the drycleaner.

Plus, I encourage you to read the very good, insightful and truthful comment by Bailey, yo, in the post below. What I thought was a saving grace was actually a Hester-Prynne-on-the-Scaffold, you-should-be-ashamed-of-yourself smackdown.

I AM shamed, y'all. I almost can't enjoy the vendor-gift season.


At 7:35 PM, Blogger Bailey, yo said...

Hey, you're the one still advocating public stocks at the mall an the antidote to shoplifting.

The shame, she is MOST powerful.


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