Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I'm starting my list

If my husband and I don't manage to reconcile, I'll have to begin dating again. (Oh, God, please no.) If that comes to pass, I will need acceptable places to meet acceptable men. I am hereby starting a list of places where I will NOT be shopping for a date:

1. The paintball field. Because the alternate name for the paintball field is "Mullets 'R' Us."

Stay tuned for more...


At 4:21 PM, Anonymous Cooklet said...

Wal-Mart. Because the alternate name for Wal-Mart is "Mullets 'R Us."

You'll appreciate this...we got an invitation to our neighborhood holiday party last night...says "bring your favorite appetizer or desert". I asked Greg if he wanted to take the Mojave, but he likes the Sahara better. I'm SO tempted to show up with a freaking bag of sand!


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