Monday, December 18, 2006

Divided Loyalties Go Bad

Or in other words, what are the Seattle Mariners doing?!

I have two baseball teams I follow: The Mariners, since I'm a former Seattlite, and the Washington Nationals, because I live here now. The Mariners used to be amazing, and used to make all these small moves in the offseason that would absolutely pay off (Hi there, releasing giant albatross Alex Rodriguez (yucky!) and getting Ichiro, which resulted in 116 games won in 2001, tied for the most eva!) But now, it seems that the managment there wants to sandbag the team, by acquring several over-the-hill Nationals players, and trading amazing prospects for these guys. What they're doing ... just plain does not make sense.

However, these things are good for the Nats, which means it's good for the team whose games I can actually attend. But at the same time, I want my M's to succeed. It's like when one of your children bests the other in the spelling bee.

I pull my hair in frustration.


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