Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fodder: The K-Fed Book

Read this morning that Kevin Federline's threatening to write a tell-all book about Brit. So much to say, and will likely add more in comments.

But let's start with the obvious: K-Fed can write? I know he has no problem populating the earth with children, but can he populate a page with words? (Not to be redundant here, but actual, relevant, literate words?)

Then, I had a wretched thought: What if it's a pop-up children's book? Scary, shudder-inducing stuff.

Also, as a person who works in publishing, I find this especially disturbing--because I finally found a job that would be worse than a nurse who works on colonoscopies. And that, my friends, is someone who is slated to edit K-Fed's straight up gangsta poseur speech into sentences with a subject that isn't "bitches" or "shizzle," and a verb. Hopefully, the chosen one (the poor editor, we'll send you a fruit basket...) will be able to find a babelfish for translating his rubbish.

P.S. Spell check wanted to change "Federline" to "Fatherliness" and/or "Patrilineal." Hee!


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