Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Strange the things people care about

Don't piss off California, y'all -- the international scientific community is about to take one up the ass.

As a scientist's wife and, at times, an apologist for technical data meself, dumb bits of hokey sentimentality like this bug the crap out of me. Dude, the scientists -- the people trained in this stuff and study it every day -- said Pluto isn't a planet. That it was a mistake to originally define it as such, and in light of what we have learned about planetary characteristics, we need to clear up the misconception. Deal.

Last week Oregano, yo coined the phrase "my favorite designer in a vacuum," referring to a so-called graphic artist whose creations look awesome on a blank sheet of paper, but could seldom be successfully incorporated into the reality of our employer's publications and websites. It continues to boggle me how many folks believe decisions are made in a vacuum, absent any information or feedback from those who would be affected by said decision. Now true, many folks fail to actually provide such feedback and are then horrified, HORRIFIED, to find their cheese has been moved under the cover of darkness.

But if indeed half of winning is showing up, then why are so many people determined to lose? Are they testing their Vulcan mind meld abilities to see if they can make the mountain come to them? 'Cause California legislators, y'all are just way out of your league on this one.


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