Saturday, August 12, 2006

Ford killed the tamale

Aside from the resident Angry Christmas Elf (he knows what he did), Britney, yo has the best On Notice board, in my opinion. In particular, her harsh indictment of Ford for killing the tamale.

See, this all came about from a lunchtime discussion (where we were being too loud in the lunchroom) that no one sold fresh tamales any more. Even me and Oregano, yo, who are living large in the PG (PG=Pretty Great!) don't know where we can find a tamale vendor, cart or otherwise.

Veronica posited that Ford automobile manufacturers, in their rush to brand themselves as enviro-friendly bio-diesel, had hijacked the supply of corn husks, rendering the cooking and purveying of tamales impossible. Lacking any contradictory evidence, I'm forced to agree with her argument.

Hence, Ford killed the tamale.

If you know of a locale where proper husk-wrapped, cornmeal-ensconsed tamales are to be had, for the love of Mary, let us know. Otherwise, we'll be forced to start another blog, this one titled "Ford KNOWS that it killed the tamale."

UPDATE: See, it's true!


At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Oregano, yo, Jr. said...

I've heard that tamales can be found in one of the parking lots of a shopping center in the Langley Park area.

Also in Langley Park: Gas for $2.94 a gallon.

At 12:53 PM, Blogger wonderkiller said...

Corn tamales have also recently been spotted at the newly-renovated Safeway in Greenbelt. No cheap gas, though.


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