Monday, August 21, 2006

Attack of the Angry refrigerator pixie

Hiding behind my new dark brown, serious girl hair the angry refrigerator pixie walked right by me, not noticing my true identity. But I certainly recognized her "dour visage" (can I get a hells yeah, Seamus, yo?)

I heard her in there, throwing away salad dressings and condiments left and right...and maybe even front to back! With a mere flick of her wirst they were gone. It was CRAZY!

Bailey yo, being the smart ass we all love and admire, pushed the envelop a few weeks ago when she, after having HER salad dressing thrown away--well actually it was Newman's Own, but that doesn't really tie into this story-- decided she would stretch the "date your items in the fridge" rule, and she wrote upon her new bottle of dressing something along the lines of "This salad dressing is from the future. Throwing it away will disrupt the space/time continuum." It was probably WAY more on than that, but I am paraphrasing. SO the question is, did this little jest save the salad dressing? Is the Sharpie truly mightier than the sword? Did it warm the heart of the Angry refrigerator pixie, thereby causing her to spare its precious shelf life? Only time will tell. Bailey, Yo, please report back in the notes section, or with a new post, and let us know how it turned out.

To Be Continued....


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