Monday, August 21, 2006

You just can't hide your lying hair

I believe it was Bailey, Yo with whom I was having a conversation about cheating on hair dressers. Honestly, anyone who goes to a regular hairdresser knows that they are like jealous boyfriends or girlfriends. And we've all done it--we've all had that "one night cut and style" with a hairdresser when we are out of town. So what? It was just a quick trim, it's not like she MEANS anything to me. But somehow, they always know. You go in, 4-six weeks after your sins, you sit in the chair as though you haven't been in a salon since you saw your hairdresser last, but she can always tell. "So, who's been cutting your hair?"

You immediately get defensive, "That's ridiculous, what do you mean? Like recently? Other than you? You know I would never trust anyone else with my hair. Stop QUESTIONING ME! Um...look at this magazine--can you believe that Ashlee Simpson, all looking like her sister and...stuff... Do you like the show 'Big Brother'"?

But she can sense what you have been up to, and she has a way of making you feel SO bad. Well, this weekend I found hairdressers are also like overly sensitive boyfriends and girlfriends--you know the ones--they get all offended if you don't absolutely LOVE everything they do for you? My husband is not like this, I assure you, but I have been involved with guys who are very much like this. I hate that. Well, this weekend I got my hair dyed a "serious girl" dark brown. Well, either serious girl or "dirty school girl ho" whatevs, but at first I wasn't sure about it. I said something to my hairdresser about possibly wanting to commit suicide rather than go outside with it, and she took it all personally. I got the whole "Well if you would just give it a chance...I worked really hard to pick out the perfect color for you." It was along the lines of "We never talk anymore...all you ever do is watch football" talk. Yikes! SO long story long, now I have come to find I do indeed like the hair, and I have to somehow make up for my heartless behavior to my hairdresser. After all, there are other heads of hair to color in the mall, and next thing I know, she may just not have time to schedule me in anymore....


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