Thursday, September 14, 2006

Gall Bladder Out is In!!!!

Excerpt from an actual e-mail I recently wrote to a friend who informed me her husband is going to have his gall bladder removed. Yes, I AM this weird in real life:

Dear [Friend of B],
Sorry to hear about your husband's gall stones. But if it makes him feel better, the gall bladder is THE stylish organ to get taken out today. Now, instead of oversized sunglasses and dogs that fit in purses, everyone is taking out the gall bladder. We have like, 2 people here at my office who just had that surgery too, including my boss. We had a going away party for his gall bladder. It was really fun until, of course, the gall bladder got really drunk and told us that we never really appreciated it and that THAT was why it was removing itself from our group. It then flipped a table, threw vodka in my face and stormed out. We couldn't believe it. I mean seriously. Since then the gall bladder has changed its name--I think it poses as a spleen now--has moved to Hollywood, and last I read, it was spotted walking out of Koi in LA at 3am with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Simpson's hairdresser in tow. I hope your husband's gall bladder makes the transition a little easier--I mean, when you already aren't feeling well, you just don't NEED that kind of organ drama. Stupid, moody gall bladder....

Hugs and kisses!



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