Thursday, February 08, 2007

Drinking Your Oats, Seriously?

Now, we on the barge have posted about foul-sounding drinks before, and we thought that the Year of Rum was seriously taking off as a social movement (what with its notoriety gained through Wonkette). It's our intention to bring some sense of decorum and literal taste to all imbibers out there, because we do have some expertise in this area. We all went to college after all. And we do happy hour.

All we're asking for is for someone to listen to us. And we thought y'all were.

But, we guess not.

According to the linked WaPost article, it seems that someone out there decided that oatmeal should now be a cocktail. Oatmeal. As in the food that is almost too boring for breakfast; as in the food that really didn't wake me up or prepare me for the day ahead at all; the taste that isn't revved up even with all the maple and brown sugar and bananas and peaches and cream. The I-feel-like-I'm-85-years-old mealy stuff in a bowl. And I can say this with some experience, since I've eaten it every day this week (it does it hit a spot when it's frigid outside).

Anyways, we're not objecting to the meal of oats as a food option, but it's just not festive. It's even a great thing for shower gel. It's fine for a facial scrub.

But when you look at the picture, does that seem like something that is going to excite you, help shake off the day? It's just rather a snooze, is all we're saying.

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At 4:16 PM, Blogger Lauren said...

While it may not jive with most people at Happy Hour, this concept of "1 liter premium vodka + 3 cups old-fashioned rolled oats" pretty much sounds the best breakfast I've never had. I've heard of substituting milk for water in preparing oatmeal, but this twisted recipe for nourishment + intoxication is shamelessly brilliant. And here I thought stout was the best thing one could make with oats.


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