Monday, January 15, 2007

Facts Debunked

1. We on the barge have always been convinced that no man can sport the pleated pants with any measure of attractiveness. The What Not to Wearer's out there have proved it time and again, and we completely bought this theory hook and line. So what do I see this morning? A man, with pleats, looking amazing. And, even more shocking, these pleat-bearing pants were Docker-style, not your ordinary old business pants. It's surprising because the former NEVER looks good, and the latter can sometimes be passable, though it doesn't usually venture into the Fashion Do category. What does it all mean y'all? Has the reintroduction of the skinny jean poisoned our thinking?

2. Depending on the quantity consumed, sometimes rum does, in fact, result in severe hangoverness. Imbibe with caution in this Year o' Rum.


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