Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jeff is psychic.

I think we should invite Jeff, recapper for Television Without Pity, to join us in our little club.
We all have thoughts that are nasty, right? We all think someone we work with is an idiot. Someone is untalented. Someone has bad breath and stands far too close to us when we're merely trying to make a fucking color copy and could you please get off of me HELP! But we don't tell them. Because it's rude. And not only will it hurt someone's feelings, which we should probably care about; it will also only serve to ostracize us from society. People won't like us. And it's just a matter of time until we're in a room or a playground with all of the people that don't like us. And they all have rocks. And, well, it's too late at that point. (A more realistic outcome is that people won't want to work with us, but I like the violence of the stoning scenario.)
He must have been lurking around Bailey, yo's office this morning...


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