Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Return to Summer—Photo Journey, Part 2

If you've read the previous post, you'll know that a summery week was spent at the beach, in a vacation rental adorned with quite an assortment of decorating styles. Here, we'll discuss the one-dimensional/three-dimensional ratio to prints and paintings.

After spending some time in the house, one friend finally had an epiphany about the on-the-wall decor. It seems that whoever had hung the photos seemed to have a desire to link each one-dimensional image with a 3D representation. First example:

Notice that each print has a corresponding 3D ornament hanging directly above it. Big ol' mandolin has teeny mandolin, tilted printed fiddle has mini fiddle; my particular favority is the tilting of the 3D instrument, replicating the angle of the one dimension version (center).

Example No. 2:

Wall birds seem to peer out upon wooden carving of bird.

And, Example No. 3 is especially of note, because it shows two instances of this design strategy.

On the top, you have the windmill print/wooden windmill statue; on the bottom left you have the ducks-swimming-in-pond tray, while on the counter is the ducks-swimming-in-pond spoonrest. We'll admit it doesn't really fit the criteria, but its close enough, so we're counting it.

Surprisingly, these aren't the only occurrences of this style in the house, but you get the idea. I'm so glad that I didn't run into the 3D version of the boy, though.

More later...

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