Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Just Because It's a Holiday—A Photo Journey, Part 3

We're feeling oh so loving here on the barge today, therefore, here's a very special photograph from the beach house to commemorate this occasion.

Yes, that is a lamp, with a base in the shape of a clown. A ceramic clown. Yes, it is incredibly shudder-inducing. In fact, I have chills as I write this.

What? You want to see a close up?

If you insist .... You sure? But it's Valentine's Day and I have to save something for a St. Paddy's surprise. ... Okay. Fine. But don't email me if something goes awry. Like for instance say this clown lamp comes to life, throws its power cord over the bumper of a passing car, hitches a ride over the Bay Bridge, finds your house, and electrocutes you. We're not responsible for that happening.

So Enjoy! Happy Valentine's Day.

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At 11:20 PM, Blogger Oregano, yo said...

Fine. Great. Now I can't sleep. Thanks A LOT.

Only thing worse might be Banjo Boy.


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