Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Recipe for the most sexist buckeyes ever

For a guy:
1) Find a woman--all women enjoy making candy for the boys.
2) E-mail her at her place of business--chances are she is probably just typing in a tight cardigan, or fetching coffee for The Man anyway--and you have a craving!
3) Send her an online recipe for the aforementioned sexist buckeyes--because you know she is going to be REALLY concerned that she make them correctly for you. Especially if your friendship is peripheral and you have never given her anything.
4) Send her a picture of a double boiler.
5) Sit back and hold your breath.
6) Enjoy!

For a woman:
1) Receive one e-mail from man with buckeye craving.
2) Send him picture of one ripe armadillo.
3) Forward e-mail and armadillo picture to girl friends
4) Receive a "hells yeah!" Let simmer. Snicker and blog. Repeat.
5) Any dishes you are randomly requested to prepare by your husband's friends are best served COLD


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