Friday, May 12, 2006

TaB Vs. TaB Energy -- a pros vs. cons list for each

TaB Pros
1) It's the automatically diet, refreshingly retro soda pop sweeping the nation, yo.
2) It's called TaB--you have to like the straightforwardness of TaB. None of this "Sierra Mist" bull****, I mean seriously, what's that?
3) It comes in a pink can with a nice diagonal, pinstripe look that compliments any look, any season.
4) It's TaB!

TaB Cons

1) Like there ARE any. Well, aside from cancer....

TaB Energy Pros

1) It's TaB Energy. It's TaB does Red Bull--Hee.
2) The drink itself is a pleasing pink color--you'd SWEAR it would actually taste good.
3) Cheese is milk's spring towards immortality. TaB Energy is TaB's spring towards the now.

TaB Energy Cons

1) It tastes like it is made from equal parts rancid cough syrup and death.
2) People like Nicole Ritchie, Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson are drinking it. Enough said--next thing you know TaB Energy will starring in its own reality TV show, or recording its debut album.
3) It's TaB does Red Bull--it is only a matter of time before TaB Energy has K Fed's baby.


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